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This is the best sleep book I have ever read, and I have read lots!
— Maternal & Child Health Nurse


Hailed as a baby sleep specialist, Helen Stevens has supported thousands of families around the world

Our aim is to empower parents with the knowledge and skills needed to support their unsettled baby or toddler (from birth to 3 years). 

Cherishing and strengthening inter-family bonds is what it’s all about. 


Training courses

Infant Sleep Training &
Solihull Approach Foundation Course

Helen offers regular training for health care professionals, focusing on infant mental health. Learn in an intimate setting with other dedicated professionals.

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Meet Helen

Helen Stevens is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse who has incorporated Infant Mental Health knowledge and findings into her clinical work, education and writing.

With a speciality in infant and toddler sleep she is author to several books and regularly conducts eduction programs for professionals.

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