About Helen Stevens

Helen Stevens

Helen Stevens

Helen Stevens is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Maternal and Child Health Nurse and Infant Mental Health Clinician who has incorporated recent research and findings into her presentations, clinical work, education and writing.

With a speciality in infant and toddler sleep and infant mental health Helen is author of the 'Safe Sleep Space' (2012) book and the 'Connect to Sleep' (2017) book, is contributing author to 'The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep' (2014) and has provided education to literally thousands of parents and professionals over the past 10 years.

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Her work is informed by research and understanding of the importance of promoting the infant-parent relationship; in doing so Helen promotes parental responsiveness and respect of the infant experience.

As Founding Director or Safe Sleep Space Pty Ltd. (from 2008-2015) and Founder of Parent Infant Consultants (2004 to current), Helen provides education,  phone/Skype consultations, clinic consultations and a range of support and information services for parents and professionals around the world on all aspects relating to early parenting and infancy/toddler matters.

About the logo

Our logo represents the importance of parental support - providing a containing place for infants to feel safe and loved.

The 'floating' baby is within and part of the interactional space. The shadowing symbolises the representations, that we all have, which drive our behaviours.

The surrounding circle is the supporting community that scaffolds the family so they can move forward freely, hence the circle is broken to allow for relationships to grow and flourish.

Naturally, that looks like a new moon. Sleep struggles are often shadowed by dysregulation, misunderstandings and misinformation.