Solihull Approach in Australia

We are thrilled to be an official Solihull Approach Training Hub.

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What is the Solihull Approach?

The Solihull Approach aims to increase emotional health and well-being through both practitioner and parent training.  In the UK the majority of health visitors are now trained, as are many midwives, social workers and child & family practitioners.

Also whole schools have been trained as have some within the police forces, fire brigades, adult mental health and even most recently, football coaches – emotional health is not restricted to one section of the community.

Professional training available in Australia

Regular training courses in Melbourne

2 day Foundation training - early years

  • Antenatal Foundation

  • Foster and Adoption Foundation training

  • Adult – Keeping Trauma in Mind

1 day group facilitator training to run parent groups (2 Day Foundation training required).
Choose from the following areas to specialise in:

  • Parenting group Facilitators’ training

  • Antenatal Parenting Group Facilitators’ training

  • Foster Carer Course Facilitator’s training

  • Postnatal Parenting Group Facilitators’ training

  • Postnatal Plus Parenting Group Facilitators’ training

Combined specialist training

  • Foster Carers Foundation and Foster Career Facilitators

  • Antenatal Foundation and Parenting Group Facilitators

Head to our official Solihull in Australia website to find out more and register for training.

Specialist training

The following courses and seminars can be held at your workplace to suit your organisation and profession. Contact us to learn more.


  • Foster care training (2 days)

  • Whole School training (1 full day + twilight sessions)


  • Brain development

  • Attachment

  • Understanding Trauma

  • Refresher days

Online help for parents

The Solihull Approach offer online courses for parents to help grow and develop with their babies and children. They can be found here.