Helen's publications

Journal publications

Middlemiss, W., Stevens, H., Ridgway L., McDonald, S., Koussa, M. (2017). Response-based sleep intervention: Helping infant sleep without making them cry. Early Human Development. 108, 49-57.

Ockwell-Smith, S., Hoffman, J., Narvaez, D., Middlemiss, W., Stevens, H., McKenna, J., Kendall-Tackett, K., & Cassels, T. (2013). Simple ways to calm a crying baby and have a more peaceful night’s sleep. Clinical Lactation, 4(2), 79-83.


Stevens, H. (2017). Connect to Sleep. Busybird Press. Australia

Stevens, H. (2012). Safe Sleep Space. Rebus Press. Australia

Stevens, H. (2014). Foundations and Fundamentals - The first four months (booklet, not published) 

Contributing Author: Middlemiss, W., Kendall-Tackett, K. T. (eds.) (2014). The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep. Praeclarus Press USA. pp 207-220 .

Conference presentations

Stevens, H. Attachment Based Interventions to Achieve Infant sleep (Birth- 3 years); Achieving Outcomes While Promoting Parent-Infant Relationships. The Australasian Marcé Society For Perinatal Mental Health Conference. Brisbane. 2017.

Stevens, H. Promoting infant mental health through attachment based interventions, to achieve health infant sleep (birth to 3 years). The National Foster and Kindship Care conference. Melbourne. 2017.

Stevens, H. Infant sleep eLearning – making relevant education accessible to MCHNs in the future. World Association of Infant Mental Health 15th World Congress. Prague. 2016.

Middlemiss, W., Stevens, H. Don’t ask parents to change their care style; rather integrate responsivity and synchrony into all care practices. World Association of Infant Mental Health 15th World Congress. Prague. 2016

Stevens, H. Increasing numbers of families are reporting baby sleep problems in Australia; how to improve outcomes in 2015 and beyond. Maternal Child and Family Health Nurse Conference. Perth. 2015

Stevens, H. Supporting infants who have had life stressors, find sleep. The National Foster and Kinship Care conference. Sydney. 2015

Other conferences

  • World Association of Infant Mental Health 14th World Congress. Scotland
  • Australian Association of Infant Mental Health
  • The Australasian Marcé Society For Perinatal Mental Health Conference
  • Australian Childhood Foundation. Trauma Conference
  • Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia Conference
  • Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses Conference

Papers and other publications

Cassels, T., Ockwell-Smith, S., Middlemiss, W., Kendall-Tackett, K., Stevens, H., McKenna, J., Narvaez, D. (2013). White Paper; Is Your Baby’s Sleep a Problem? Or Is It Just Normal? Mother-Baby Experts Weigh in on Normal Infant Sleep [PDF]. Praeclarus Press.

Koussa, M., McDonald, F., Patterson, P., Middlemiss, W., Stevens, H. & Albritton, K. ‘Mindfulness and attachment in adolescent and young adult siblings of cancer patients’. Inaugural International Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Congress, Sydney, December, 2015.

Advisory roles

In addition to workplace training, workshops, masterclasses and conferences, Helen is advisor to:

  • The Women’s Hospital (The Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne) Parenting Kit
  • Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), 2013.