Valuing your strengths


The constant demands of parenting can be very challenging. One way to boost your mood is by feeling a sense of achievement.

Now you’re a parent, do you still get the opportunity to use your strengths? Identifying your strengths and working them into the day is a great well to feel like you’ve done a good job. And everyone has strengths - you know, the things you like to do and you are good at.

Although you may love being a parent, your sense of satisfaction will be boosted if you're regularly tapping into your strengths. Keep it simple and think about how you could use them on a regular basis.

For example, if you are an organised person, you may find the unpredictability that comes with having a newborn unsettling, but you probably can put your hand on anything you need around the house.

Keep it simple

Don’t try to do monumental things. Maybe you’re a great singer, planner or chef. Whatever your strength, find it and nurture it. Then work it into your daily routines and recognise your achievement when you do something well.

Small wins can make all the difference on some of the tougher days.

Author: Helen Stevens. RN. RM. MCHN. Manager of Clinical Services, Education and Research.
Parent Infant Consultants. 0411880720.