Toddler sleep INTENSIVE

Understanding Toddler Sleep (1-3 years)

1 day intensive training
26 March 2019

At breaking point

There are no words for how tired parents and toddlers are when they’ve experienced difficulties with sleep for well over 12 months, sometimes 2 or 3 years.

How we support these toddlers and their families can either make or break them.


Encouraging co-regulation

Helping toddlers find sleep in the context of love, support and respect is about creating experiences that encourage co-regulation, through understanding the toddler brain.

We aim to moves towards self regulation, rather than unkindly extinguishing sleep settling behaviours. 

What you'll learn

In this session participants will have the opportunity to refresh and update their understanding of:

  • toddler brain development

  • toddler sleep struggles

  • talking about toddler sleep with parents

  • strategies for families to gently promote sleep

You’ll also come away with questions to ask parents and ways to promote parental consideration of the social and emotional developmental needs of toddlers.

There was a time they spoke of 'breaking' the child, but now we talk of ‘making’ - making sure we provide an appropriate guidance for families so this becomes a time of knowledge, understanding and growth.





7 CPD points apply


Flagstaff Gardens
Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC

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